Depression, Suicide, and the Missing Comments

You may have noticed that the Comments section of this site was missing. I am, for a time, not allowing comments on this site. The few conservative self-professed Christians who comment here maintain little regard that their published opinions can negatively, and quite drastically, affect the well-being of either myself or those who may read their comments. (One of you, B.D., will think this is about you; but this is only slightly about you.) So, in order to protect myself and those who may read the careless words of conservatives and evangelicals, the comments privilege is permanently disabled.

Did you know that the third world-wide leading cause of death, in those aged 10-14, is suicide? Suicide is the second-known leading cause of death in those aged 15-34. (link) (Visit the International Suicide Hotlines site for immediate help if you are contemplating suicide.) Speaker Chris Thompson, on YouTube, responded to a 22-year-old gay male who was prevented from taking his own life by contacting Chris as a means of a public platform for awareness of suicide prevention. The brief response is very moving.

Now, consider the following potential scenario, and then ask yourself if you blame me for not permitting the toxic comments and opinions of some conservative Christians. Someone living within an LGBTQ context discovers my site and is seeking some hope, some comfort, because the individual is experiencing grief, or oppression or fear or guilt or bullying or self-loathing, and perhaps is even contemplating suicide. The person reads my post but then wonders what those in the Comments section may think about my article, in the hope of gaining another perspective, or more helpful insight.

Only, when the individual begins to read the comments of some conservative Christian with an underlying anti-LGBTQ agenda, the person begins to feel an onslaught of multiplied grief, stress, and anxiety -- because what the person read was, perhaps, that he or she is going to hell because God deems the person or the beliefs/acts of the individual as an abomination; that the innate feelings of this individual are disgusting, disordered, and merely sexually corrupt and devoid of genuine love or approved affection; that the grief, anxiety, and depression that the individual is experiencing is caused by self-centeredness, narcissism, and derives from overt spiritual idolatry.

The person then thinks that all hope is lost, for he or she cannot change the inner function of feelings and thoughts, and now even God will not tolerate what he or she cannot change, what he or she did not ask for, what he or she knows to be an inner truth related to one's existence. Because of the words of some careless conservative Christian, hell-bent on keeping gay people single and celibate, the person finds no more reason to continue living in this tormentous hell. A life is now lost. In my opinion, their blood is on the hands of conservative Christians who care more about their dogmas than about the people they destroy with their words. I will not give such conservatives a voice.

But allow me this concession: I personally know some wonderful conservative Christians who in no sense whatsoever would ever consider hurting the feelings or degrade the humanity of LGBTQ people. They are my friends, my family, and I will always love and support them. What a shame that such people cannot lend their loving comments on this site because of some others. I will always remain grateful for, as well as love and defend, conservative believers who love and support LGBTQ people. May your kind grow exponentially! But perhaps we do not need a Comments section.

Consider the website of politically-right-wing FOX "News" for example. When this tabloid-style source reported on the brutal murder of a Trans person by the mother of this precious Trans person created in the image of God, conservatives and evangelicals ran to the Comments section, in order to spew their bigotry and hatred:
  • Messy but effective. -- CaptainAmericana
  • It was probably one of her cronies [meaning the "cronies" of the mother of the Trans individual] that molested the boy and turned him onto the gay lifestyle. -- Pammmmmm [What, exactly, is this mythical "gay lifestyle"?]
  • It was just a very late term abortion, right? -- Caledoneus
  • WOW! Looks like she should have aborted him long ago! -- JohnGreat1
  • No doubt she saved a lot of young boys who he would have molested. -- Numbfounded
  • We don't presume to be "good people." [He's responding to a comment complaining of all the deplorable comments stemming from the Political and Religious Right.] We're just holding the line for the strength, honor and decency of American young men. This murdered individual wasn't our problem but he was representative of the reprobates we have here in the USA. -- Joe Sauliki (link)
Yet such people wonder why they get tagged with epithets of "Deplorables." FOX "News" should not host a Comments section for the simple fact that their base only exposes the tabloid-media-mogul Rupert-Murdoch-founded "news" station as bigoted, racist, and homophobic. I encourage LGBTQ people to never visit the site, nor to watch the FOX "News" TV station, as neither venue is conducive to one's well-being.

If you are depressed, hurting, experiencing overwhelming anxiety, grief, oppression, bullying, or having thoughts of suicide, I beg you to seek help -- whether online, on the phone, or through a trusted individual. Contrary to the beliefs of some, your life is invaluable, priceless. God loves you immensely; Christ endured the Cross just for you and for your redemption; and the Holy Spirit loves and encamps around you daily. You may always email me at I will lead you to help. Please use the resources below if you need help with depression, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts:

Crisis Text Line
National Suicide Prevention
PsychCentral (Suicide Resources)
The Samaritans (24-Hour Crisis Hotline)
The Bridge to Recovery (Anxiety and Depression) (International Resources)


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