Does Jesus Love Me If I'm Gay?

That most (and that quantitative marker is no exaggeration) within an LGBTQ framework ask whether or not God loves them informs us as to the origin of such a question: the blame for LGBTQ people feeling unloved, whether by Christians or by God, is laid at the feet of Christians. How else would LGBTQ people garner a sense of being unloved, or even hated, by God, Christ, or the Church if not from Christians? They certainly are not going to read the words of Jesus in Matthew 5 (and elsewhere) and gain a sense of Him hating or judging or ridiculing or shunning them.

I receive emails from gay and trans people, even from concerned parents, about Christianity and homosexuality. What these people want most to know is whether or not God loves LGBTQ people. Even some conservative evangelicals who do not approve of same-sex relationships will insist that God loves LGBTQ people, that Christ died and rose again for them, and that the Holy Spirit is drawing them by grace to faith in Christ. But there still remain problems where evangelicals are concerned.

Many of you are more invested in "being right" (according to your perspective or interpretation of what constitutes "rightness") than in loving LGBTQ people. Many of you are more worried about baking a wedding cake for a same-sex couple, and protecting your so-called religious freedom, than in caring about LGBTQ persons (in direct contrast to the teachings of Jesus nonetheless, cf. Matt. 5:38-42). What you perpetually demonstrate is that you care more about yourselves than others. You claim you love these people but betray that with your own words and actions; and then you wonder why LGBTQ people refuse Christ and your so-called Gospel.

Your Gospel (Good News) is less about love and more about conforming LGBTQ people into the image of your liking and comfortability. Many of you put more effort in advancing the disastrously failed efforts of gay conversion therapy than in embracing the reality of LGBTQ persons -- and you call that love. You deny them the reality of their same-sex attraction, a reality for which they did not ask and cannot control, and seek to force them into a conversion mentality that is even potentially harmful.

In the mid-1970s, for example, a Christian gay conversion therapy group called Exodus (now defunct because gay conversion methods do not work) was experiencing success in garnering adherents, but not in garnering actual success in converting gay people into straight people. Their initial exhilaration of gaining members in their group
gave way, over subsequent months, to exhaustion and exasperation, especially in the Tuesday evening group. Many of the participants were seeing no decline in their same-sex attractions. Some were dropping out. Bussee [Michael Bussee, a former "ex-gay" proponent who formally apologized] says that one member, who had seemed to the leaders to be a success story, went crazy; he went home from church one Tuesday, took a razor blade to his penis, and poured Drano on the wounds.1
That news still sends shivers down my spine; it leaves me hopelessly heartbroken for that young man and it makes me intensely and irretrievably angry at conservative Christians for pressuring LGBTQ people into such insanity. Can any one of you show me from Scripture where converting to heterosexuality is required by God or Jesus or the apostles? Given my study of the scriptures since 1995, allow me to provide the answer to my own question, and I will trust that you will concur: No. Rather, the apostle Paul insists: "But God proves his love for us in that while we [all -- gay, straight, bi, pan, trans] still were sinners Christ died for us." (Rom. 5:8) What we learn, then, is that the love of God for each human being is not object-oriented.

In other words, God does not love a person because of any notion regarding that person, but loves the person out of God's own being or capacity to love the creatures created in the image of God. Does God love the LGBTQ person? God loves the LGBTQ person in the same manner that God loves the heterosexual person, in the same manner as God loves all of us in the state in which we exist, in the same manner that God even loves Jesus (cf. John 17:23). The Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ, is "to declare something about a Person, about God in his revelation in Jesus Christ and about what God has done for us in Jesus Christ,"2 and that Good News does not concern human sexuality. If your Gospel, your alleged Good News about Jesus Christ, concerns human sexuality then you maintain a false and severely-defective Gospel.

As long as God gives me breath in my lungs I will fight against evangelical Christians who support gay conversion therapy (Reparative Drive theory), including the likes of Christopher Doyle, and his paltry Voice of the Voiceless organization, as well as members of the Board of References of the "ex-gay" Restored Hope Network, including Randy Alcorn, Matt Barber, Steve Berger, Michael Brown, D.A. Carson, Paul Check, James Dobson, Robert Gagnon, Jim Garlow, June Hunt, Juan Martinez, Al Mohler, Ray Ortlund, Janet Parshall, Leanne Payne, Georgene Rice, Mathew Staver, Sam Storms, Christopher West and the late Joseph Nicolosi of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH). Avoid all such for your own well-being.

Yes, my LGBTQ compadres, Jesus loves you; the triune God loves you to the degree that Jesus would move heaven and earth to accomplish all that is necessary for you to love Him in return and spend eternity with Him by grace through faith in Him. But allow Scripture to answer our question today: "We know love by this, that he laid down his life for us -- and we ought to lay down our lives for one another." (1 John 3:16)

Conservative evangelical Christians like Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell (Sr. and Jr.), James Dobson and a host of others have failed us, my LGBTQ friends, but Christ has not failed us. In spite of the hatred we have received from false Christians (e.g., Steven Anderson, Charles Worley, Kevin Swanson, Scott Lively, Gary DeMar, Peter LaBarbera, Westboro Baptists, among, sadly, too many others), Jesus stands with us to this day, with arms open far and wide to embrace us as we are in this reality.3 Be welcomed to embrace not only your own reality but also the atoning reality of Jesus Christ.


1 Jeff Chu, Does Jesus Really Love Me? A Gay Christian's Pilgrimage in Search of God in America (New York: Harper, 2013), 105.

2 Scot McKnight, The King Jesus Gospel: The Original Good News Revisited (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2011), 93.

3 Conservative evangelicals will respond: "But God loves us so much that God will not leave us as we are -- we must be changed." I agree! But that "change" regards a new nature granted to the one who by grace trusts in Christ; this person now loves God and seeks to obey. That does not include being made heterosexual and, of course, you cannot demonstrate otherwise from Scripture. If what you are referring to is the alleged "homosexual lifestyle" then that will be addressed in the following post.


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My name is William Birch and I grew up in the Southern Baptist tradition but converted, if you will, to Anglicanism in 2012. I am gay, affirming, and take very seriously matters of social justice, religion and politics in the church and the state.